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Introduction It is my great pleasure to present to you, Duilleoga, published to celebrate floral art, an art form enjoyed by so many worldwide. This book also commemorates the administration of WAFA from 2011 - 2014 by the WAFA Ireland Management Committee representing the Association of Irish FLoral Artists, AOIFA. Irish Floral Art is inspired by the beauty of our surroundings, our woods and fields, rivers and lakes, combined with our rich heritage and culture. Ireland, while small in size, enjoys a varied climate enabling the growth of a diverse range of garden plant material featured in many of our members' designs. Indeed, it is often said that we get all four seasons in one day! Styles in floral art have evolved over the years and with the formation of WAFA in 1981, new ideas and trends now travel rapidly resulting in a greater awareness and blending of innovations and techniques. AOIFA, as a founder member of the World Association of Flower Arrangers, is privileged to share in this exchange of creativity.

Duilleoga is a testament to our editor, Nancy McKeever, who has worked tirelessly in editing this publication. AOIFA members were invited to submit photographs of their designs to be include in a competition for inclusion in this book. Nancy has spent many hours collating the photographs received, organising photo shoots and painstakingly referencing plant nomenclature. Thank you to Nancy for the many hours involved in bringing this publication to fruition.

The imagination and innovation of the floral artists never ceases to amaze. In Duilleoga, it is hoped that you will enjoy the creative designs and that you will treasure this book as a memento of the 11th World Flower Show, 'A Floral Odyssey'

Kitty Gallagher

WAFA President  2011 - 2014

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